Classes Offered: 2 and 3 Year Old Class,
Young 4 Class, Pre-K Class, TK/Kindergarten

We are a Christian, non-denominational school which introduces the following concepts in our classes and school to your children.  Some children master these skills by the end of the year but all will be introduced to them.  Please keep in mind that all children learn at different paces and in different ways.  Teachers work one on one to meet the child’s needs.


General Manners and Knowledge

To know the love of God.

To know the stories in the Bible are God’s word and always true.

To know that God loves them, no matter what.

To be able to sing various Bible songs that they will learn throughout the year.

To show the character qualities of kindness, gentleness, patience, and self-control by watching the examples of their teachers.

To know how to share.

To remember to use their manners (yes, please & no, thank you etc.)

Tie shoes, put on coat, button and zip (4 year old class).

To be able to follow two-step directions.

To learn to listen to the teacher.

Be able to repeat a story in sequential order.

To know the seasons, months of the year and days of the week.

To know their birthday and age.



To be able to identify letters and sounds and to differentiate between capital and lowercase letters.

To be able to write their first name (4 year old class).

To know address and phone number.



To be able to write and recognize numbers 1 to 10.

To be able to count and write numbers 1 to 20.

To be able to complete simple patterns.


Art Appreciation/Skills

To know eight basic colors.

To know their basic shapes and match forms.

To know the difference between their left and right.

To be able to color within the lines.

To be able to hold scissors correctly and cut things out.

To be able to use a glue stick and liquid glue neatly.

To be able to hold a pencil and use one properly.

Pre – School Curriculum

Our pre-school programs focus on the whole development of the child with a developmentally appropriate program that allows children to thrive in a nurturing environment while learning about the world that God created. The curriculum that we use in our pre-school programs includes but is not limited to the following includes:


ACSI and Horizons-Christian based Curriculum


Alphabet Letter and Sounds (A-Z)


Zoo Phonics


Numbers 0-12


Bible Stories






Weekly Themes


Story Time

 Our Transitional Kindergarten (TK)/Kindergarten Classes use the following curriculum to Meet State Standards.

Small Class Sizes allow for each student’s needs to be met. While learning about the world around them that God created, our students are in a setting that teaches academics to standards as well as fosters self-esteem, builds their confidence and allows them to thrive as they begin their academic journey. The curriculum includes the following:




Reading A-Z



Spanish Program

Students will learn conversational Spanish through music games, movement and prayers.
Note that this program is offered to older Pre-K and Tk Kinder students.